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Building a Loft Conversion Instead of Moving House

With the financial uncertainty that affects us all in these days of recession, the alternative to moving house is to seriously consider building a loft conversion to give you that much needed extra space. Maybe you have a growing family and need an extra bedroom or playroom; maybe you are starting a business and need an office, or how about a spare room for visitors? There are endless reasons why you might need extra space in your home, so why not put your attic to better use by converting it into a habitable room that will add value to your home.

It's expensive to move home

Moving home is both expensive and stressful. Costs include estate agent fees, stamp duty, solicitor's fees and removal fees. You have the stress and worry that goes with moving home, such as moving children to another school, worries about finding a buyer for your home, long chains and securing a new mortgage.

An unnecessary strain on the family

As we all know moving house can put an immense strain on any relationship so why not eliminate that possibility by considering parts of your present accommodation that can be improved. Obviously the anxiety is still there but it is greatly dissipated. Building a loft conversion can be the ideal solution as you are in total control from the beginning of the build to the finished product. Moving to a new house does not necessarily mean that everything in that house would be to your taste so improvements would have to be made anyway, so why not save yourself all that upheaval and work within the parameters that you have.

Cost effective solution

Building a loft conversion is a cost effective and less stressful alternative to moving house. With the recent falls in property prices an ever-increasing number of people are now deciding that it's better to improve rather than move. Making use of the otherwise wasted space in your loft is a great solution to your accommodation needs.

Legal requirements

Always remember that when building a loft conversion building regulations must be adhered to and may in some circumstances require planning permission. It is always in your best interest to inform your current insurer that an extra room has been added to your house as this may affect your premium and the cover provided.

Whilst most people understand the need to update their insurance following a conversion, the situation regarding your council tax banding is less well understood. The good news is that adding an extra room to your house will not affect your banding until there is a change in your circumstances, for the majority of homeowners this means when the house is sold.

Even after thirty years experience in the construction industry I still find my knowledge about building a loft conversion to be sadly inadequate, with every new day comes a fresh and innovative idea, so I seriously recommend that you visit us to find even more in-depth information from one of the leading specialists on the subject.